Queensland Female Soccer Academy About Us & Our Achievements

Our Story

In 2015 our team went to Capital Football’s Kanga Cup in Canberra and won the U/16 girls competition. Unfortunately, in early 2016, the club we played for lost their “hub license” which Football Gold Coast specified that soccer clubs on the Gold Coast could only enter women’s teams if they were a “hub”  so players needed to find a new club when the season had already begun. We had entered and were ready to go to the 2016 Kanga Cup so the Gold Coast Female Soccer Academy was created to give females more opportunities .

      July 2016: Kanga Cup: We took a U/17 girls team (most of our girls were only 16 or turning 17) and we were entered into the U/18 girls competition as they did not have an U/17 girls division; where we placed 3rd. From this we now have 2 girls from our Academy playing in colleges in the United States.

      September 2016: Champions Cup: Growing in numbers we entered U/16-18 girls team who went through to the grand final and placed second. We also entered a team into the U/14 girls competition (our team was mostly an U/12 girls team). This was a very competitive division with our girls playing NPL teams and placed a creditable 5th.

      July 2017: Kanga Cup: We entered teams into the U/13 girls, U/16 girls and the U/18 girls. This provided a fantastic experience for our teams who played not only top Australian teams but also teams from South Korea and New Zealand. Our U/13 girls won their division, our U/16 girls drew for second place only losing by 1 on goal difference and our U/18s placed 3rd. We also gained notice from current Matilda player Michelle Heyman. A few of our girls were also offered spots into NSR Australia. 

      Sep-Oct 2017: Oceania Cup: We combined our U/18 and women's into one squad. We entered our U/13’s into the U/14’s competition and our U/16’s entered also. All 3 of our teams went through the competition undefeated until the grand finals. Our U/14’s lost the finals against the top team from the other pool. Our U/16 girls won their grand final and our combined U/18/open team lost 1-0 in the last 2 minutes of extra time of the game against a top Sydney team which included a W-League player and 3 W-League shadow players.

      July 2018: Kanga Cup we took U/14, U/16 & U/18 teams to the Kanga Cup in which all 3 teams made semifinals and our U/16’s won their division. 

      Sep-Oct 2018: We took an Open women's & an U/16 girls team to the Oceania cup where our U/16’s placed second and our Open women's placed 3rd